The passion and joy we derive from our interior architecture work and design projects mean everything to us. It is exactly these qualities that we bring to the planning and design of personalized living spaces, all underpinned by a passion for perfection and eye for detail.

Our services:

  • Layout planning and floor plans
  • Consulting, design and planning for interiors
  • End-to-end supervision of the construction phase
  • Lighting and electrical design
  • Advice on materials and colors
  • Advice on furnishings and décor


We bring years of experience to our planning and implementation services; these are provided as a complete package in close collaboration with our clients. Before we even start planning, we first discover our clients’ true personalities and consider which energies and design approach would match their personal make-up and character. Pema Drongshar has had marked psychic ability since birth, enabling her to sense another human’s energy system and recognize what their soul needs to feel at ease in a space. We rely on a well-established network of suppliers and the quality and innovation of small craft enterprises to help us implement our plans.

The atmosphere and functionality of a space are not determined simply by its architecture; light, color, shape and material are all fundamental. We aim to create spaces where people feel at home and that combine warmth and essence with originality, functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship and technical expertise.

If you are planning a new building or have recently purchased a property, you will now be faced with the question of what and how to build or convert. You will need to consider everything. Building or converting a property is a major undertaking and one that requires considerable investment in terms of both time and money. We help you with the overall concept and provide you with exactly the support you need from the initial idea through to final execution.